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Systems Biology of Depression

Identifying gene variants associated with response to antidepressants using systems biology approaches

Objectives. We re-analyze GWAS data of antidepressant response using systems biology approaches that takes into consideration the
network of interactions between genes in order to unravel genes associated with antidepressant response.
Study design. We will analyse data by using hypothesis-free and scale-free weighted interaction network and gene set based approaches to detect
groups of highly interconnected SNPs affecting antidepressant response. If possible we will replicate our findings in an independent and new sample
by genotyping of most important SNPs.
Analysis plan. We will use the same measures of drug response as the original study. This includes change in QIDS-C16 score and in HRS-D17
score as the major outcome measures. SNPs identified as being of potential importance to response to citalopram or escitalopram will be compared
to the top hits determined by classical statistical approaches in the original study including those subjected to functional genomics.