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Haja Kadarmideen as a main applicant and his partners obtained two major research grants in December 2011 nearing approximately DKK 19 millions

1. From Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (HTF) and additional financial support from the Danish pig research centre, VSP for The G-BOAT project: Genomic Selection and Systems Genetics to reduce Boar Taint in Danish pigs (funded for 3 years, around DKK 5 millions).

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2. From Danish Strategic Research Council or DSF (Denmark) and Department of Biotechnology or DBT (India) funding for nearly DKK 14 millions for a joint Indo-Danish project, funded for 4 years. The project is called BIOCHILD: Genetics and Systems Biology of Childhood Obesity in India and Denmark (Partner organisations: 3 partners in Denmark and 2 partners in India).

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