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Books and Refereed Book Chapters

  • Systems Biology in Animal Production and Health, Book Vol 1. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-43335-6 ; eBook ISBN 978-3-319-43335-6 ; Hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-43333-2, Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland
  • Systems Biology in Animal Production and Health, Book Vol 2.  DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-43332-5 ; eBook ISBN 978-3-319-43332-5 ; Hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-43330-1 , Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland.
  • SNPpattern: A Genetic Tool to Derive Haplotype Blocks and Measure Genomic Diversity in Populations Using SNP Genotypes. By Goodswen, S.J. and Kadarmideen, H.N.. Bioinformatics – Trends and Methodologies (October 2011), Edited by: Mahmood A. Mahdavi, Publisher: InTech ISBN 978-953-307-282-1.
  • Investigations on Functional Traits in Dairy Cattle by Karacaören, B., Kadarmideen, H.N., Janss, L.L.G, and Jaffrézic. F. Publisher: VDM Verlag (Sept 2009), ISBN-10:3639189779; ISBN-13: 978-36391897
  • Sustainable use and maintenance of animal genetic resources in the tropics and subtropics. Kadarmideen, H.N. and Janssen-Tapken, U. (2006), in International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development, Editors, J.G. Ray, K.Joseph, G. Varghese. ISBN: 8184240163
  • Recording disease and reproductive events in dairy cattle for developing national health and fertility selection indices by Kadarmideen, H.N. in Performance Recording of Animals published by European Association of Animal Production (EAAP) (2003), Publication No. 107:157-161. Edited by J. Crettenand, J. Moll, C. Mosconi and S. Wegmann. Wageningen Academic Publishers, ISBN: 978-90-76998-16-9.
  • Concepts to improve health of farm animals by genetic and genomic approaches by Kadarmideen, H.N. (2003) In: Gesunde Nutztiere – Heutiger Stellenwert der Futterzusatzstoffe in der Tierernährung (Edited by M. Kruezer, C. Wenk and T.Lanzini,Hrsg). Schriftenreihe aus dem Institut für Nutztierwissenschaften Ernährung-Produkte-Umwelt ETH Zürich, OCLC Number: 500111406; Vol 24: 47-62.
  • The challenge of genetic change in animal production. JC McKay, NF Barton, ANM Koerhuis, J McA-dam, JWM Merks, R Preisinger, DK Flock, B McGuirk, GC Emmans, I Kyriazakis, S Tamminga, HL Classen, PW Knap, SC Bishop, AB Lawrence, JE Pryce, A Stott, HN Kadarmideen, R Thompson, G Simm, A Cahaner, N Deeb. (2000). Proc. 27 Occ. Publ. Br. Soc. Anim. Sci., Edinburgh, UK. Pages 1-7.