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Publication in Nature Journal – On linking Genetics of Birth Weight with Adult Diseases

We published an article in journal Nature on 28 Sept 2016 – a result of massive international collaboration across 160 international researchers from 17 countries, supported by more than 120 research funders.

Our paper reveals genes / genetic variants that are important link between an individual’s early childhood growth and their chances of developing life style diseases such as type 2 diabetes or cardio-metabolic problems in later life. These results highlight new approaches to treatment and prevention.  It brings us much closer to personalized and predictive medicine, signifying the societal impact of these findings.

The original paper : “Genome-wide associations for birth weight and correlations with adult disease”, published in Nature can be seen here:


In Denmark, the press releases from University of Copenhagen appear here:nature-social-media


from videnskab.dk appears here:


There is now world-wide coverage of these findings in newspapers, magazines and internet sites.

It is my privilege to lead the BioChild Consortium (www.biochild.ku.dk) in Denmark that has substantially contributed to this research